Vaccination Passports: the gentle demo


A “Vaccination Passport” or “Health Passport” is simple concept: a record that proves that you’ve received a Vaccination, or tested negative on a test e.g. for COVID-19.

The Pitch

To cut to the chase: we’ve developed a solution for this which:

  • is fully open to implement and has fully Open Source reference components
  • is based on X.509 cryptography, semantic definitions and W3C standards (and standard proposals).
  • does not require an app — but works well with Smart Phones, works as a paper process, and will work well as a short code which can be easily typed into a web page
  • minimizes “creepiness” — e.g. centralizing of records, aggregating records, data retained, ability to randomly or systematically find records, and so forth

The Video

Here’s a video of scanning and validating 6 passports (including in 40 seconds or so. This is implemented on a Raspberry Pi with a $50 hand scanner and our reference software. Note scanning an Apple Watch at the end.

The Quick Demo

Here’s a Scanner / Verifier:

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